Observational unit

Hello! My name is Trojan Aleksandr Viktorovich. I want to present to You an observing device for automobile. Patent RF on useful mode l№ 130931 05.03.2013. I am patentee and creator of this device. I have also applied for international patent PCT/RU2013/001206.

This useful device represented in single copy. It is functioning exhibition pattern. All components developed by professional engineers, including all drafts. Many details made by use of modern programmable machines. Details of body made by 3D printer. Some of parts are already exists and used in industry. Control block has computer program, which provides automatic put into starting position when automobile starts it movement. All external elements can endure from -50 to +50 degrees Celsius. Some of components need further development for repetition work. For example, fixing element of device platform for various types of car bodies. It is possible make device compact, by using telescopic prop of 3-4 components. I spent more than one year creating exhibition copy.

I'm looking for serious business proposal for further development, producing and introducing of this device.

Below you can find an approximate commercial description.

Hello! Allow me to concentrate your attention on device, which will change driver’s notion of safe driving, widen their opportunities, save time, decrease rate of car accidents and become great assistant for all drivers, especially inexperienced and disabled ones. The fact, that car of your relatives equipped with this device will make you confident in their safety.
Using this device you gain same advantages as driver of off-road vehicle or minivan and even more. For example, when you are leaving parking with reverse motion it provides higher point of view to estimate traffic situation. Your maneuver becomes difficult if you start movement surrounded by high vehicle or those with darkened windows. Switch on the device and use joystick to raise your camera to needed height(1m max). So you got point of view which is higher than nearby cars. Picture from camera translates to every device that can show video. If cars around you are extremely high you can bend the telescopic prop of device platform gaining point of view from behind the corner. Constant usage of this device provides 100% confidence in your maneuvers. Camera of the device have good range of view and infrared highlight of about 40 meters which allows to use it in the night.

Also you get rid of necessity to twist your body. That is crucial for drivers with back pain and disabled ones.

If you are waiting for left turn or U-turn on the crossroad you bound to let the oncoming traffic pass first. But it becomes difficult when some of them tend to turn left. So you have to wait because of them even if there is no oncoming traffic going forward. But instead, you can use this device again. Raised camera allow you to see if there any oncoming traffic. If there nobody to pass first, you can safely and qucik finish your maneuver. In general, it saves your time and decrease stress on the road.

Everybody hates traffic jams. And everybody thinks that his line is the slowest. May be it happened because of accident or something else. Use device : raise camera and observe situation on the road in longer range than the others. Bend telescopic prop to look from behind the corner made by high vehicle like bus. The faster you will see what happened on your line, the faster you will change it to save your time.

This device also valuable for driving instructors, because it is one more way to control situation around training car.

Yours faithfully Trojan Aleksandr Viktorovich.

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